March 13 2016


Innovative basketball skills development for elementary to high school students. We are able to quickly develop a heightened feel for the game and great shooting form

Our Euro-style training and structured scrimmage sessions can transition centers into small forwards, shooting guards into point guards, and everything in between. We use a proven set of innovative processes to quickly produce significant offensive improvement in our students. These drills and skill based practices are central to our workshops and club basketball programs.  

Ignite your shot with our 15 point technique checkup. Some of the top players and coaches in Ohio consult with us for shot training. Our Motion Study approach minimizes the use of unnecessary movements to purify shooting form. We build adjustments around existing good form elements to get as close to textbook form as possible. Recognizing the flaws in a shot and then applying exaggerated muscle memory retraining, without creating chaos with the shooter, is an art we have mastered.   

01 September 2015


01 August 2015




"Jim is one of the top shooting coaches in Ohio and possibly the country. He has worked with dozens of top players through the years and is a high integrity guy. He has figured out what textbook shooting form is and more critically how to teach it. He is a rare and valuable commodity in our business. I would recommend him to anyone."‚Äč


Robert Summers

Former West Virginia standout and current Urbana University Head Coach

"Jim is our go to guy for shooting technique. He has dramatically improved the shot of several of our players. His talents are as good as it gets."


Dru Joyce

Head coach Akron Saint Vincent Saint Mary High School

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